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The Garrison Experience, founded by Kyle Garrison Shawell, is the emerging Jazz Dance and production company in Charlotte, NC. Our goal is to provide platforms for performances, and we need your help.
"I feel there is a profound need for a concert dance company that focuses on jazz dance's aesthetics and contributions throughout the dance community – the roots, the movements, and the performance. Jazz dance has the unique ability to authentically tell stories (historical and current) that provoke thought and engage audiences with the new and necessary content. As a teacher, choreographer, and performer for the past twenty-five years, I feel a passion and a responsibility to do my part in preserving and cultivating jazz dance as a treasured American art form.

The Garrison Experience presents  Bohemia - a celebration of Life, Heartbreak, and Happiness. Though we are currently going through COVID-19, causing our stages to be dark, we are still working hard to bring you one-of-a-kind performances for all to enjoy. So please join us in our mission to bring the arts back alive!

The Garrison Experience presents Bohemia
Open Door Studios 
3706 Central Avenue 

Charlotte, NC 28205
October 23rd 7:30pm & October 24th 2:30pm
$10.00 at the door


We hope to see you involved in any way you can! You can donate, share this fundraiser, and campaign videos to your friends and family, and come out to support our workshops with our faculty and amazing friends of The Garrison Experience. 

Our goal is to raise $3,500. With your donations, The Garrison Experience will be able to cover studio rental, performance space, insurance, props, and marketing. Without these funds, we will not be able to put on the production. 

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